Mohit Sharma says about MS Dhoni – “I think he’s a great leadership capabilities” –

mohit sharma says ms dhoni is a great leader

Mohit Sharma expresses his admiration for MS Dhoni during an Instagram session hosted by Delhi Capitals.

Sharma is part of Delhi Capitals for the 13th season of the Indian Premier League. Nevertheless, he attributes his development to the game to MS Dhoni.

Mohit Sharma believes that MS Dhoni has a great leadership capabilities

One of the main reasons is that Mohit Sharma’s debut for the Indian team was under the captain of the former Indian team captain. Before being selected by Delhi Capitals, he played for Chennai Super Kings under the direction of MS Dhoni.

M. Sharma said Dhoni was literally a leader. For example, if the team wins, MS Dhoni is not near celebrations. If the team loses, on the other hand, they are the first to take responsibility and are on the line of fire.

“If the team wins, you will never find him in a prominent position, but if the team loses, he is always at the forefront and takes responsibility: that is the sign of a leader and why I admire him so.”

Mohit Sharma believes it is Dhoni’s gratitude and humility that really sets him apart from others.

“In sport there is a difference between a captain and a leader: I think he is a great leader.”

The Indian player hopes to be part of the matches again

Mohit Sharma has not been in the game for ten months after back surgery. However, he said that after rehab, he hopes to play with the Delhi Capitals franchise. He feels that the team is young and already knows most of the players on the team.

“I am still looking forward to representing the franchise. I think it is a young team with a solid Indian core and I know most of the players here like Shikhar Dhawan, Ishant Sharma, Amit Mishra and Harshal Patel, both within as well as outside the field.”

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