Virat Kohli says I will never leave Royal Challengers Bangalore

virat kohli says i will never leave rcb

Viral Kohli says he will not leave Royal Challengers Bangalore until his fans’ love and loyalty play in the Indian Premier League.

He says it is his dream to win an IPL with his team-mate AB de Villiers while playing from the RCB.

During a live session on Instagram with former South African captain and RCB teammate AB de Villiers, Kohli said: It is always our dream and together we will win the IPL.

There are no scenarios in which I could think of leaving the team. You may be impressed by the bad season, but I won’t leave this team until I play an IPL. Fans, their loyalty was incredible.”

Devillier has also confirmed club fan support over the past nine years. Both have been playing in the club for a long time. Kohli has been with RCB since 2008. “I don’t want to leave the RCB, but I had to continue to score to do that. I’m not the captain you see,” he joked.

“Break the Standard”

Both reminded me of the beginning of cricket and my growth as a cricket player and friend. Corey sometimes said that the incoming young people were too interested in the “system” and wanted them to break the standards. “I want young people to come with a score of 500-600. I want people to break the norm. Sometimes I feel like people are too interested in sports. Break the bondage and it’s special Come on.”

Virat also recognized the contributions of Mark Boucher, Gary Kirsten and Duncan Fletcher at the beginning of his international career. “Gary always gave positive feedback. Boucher told me to improve my short ball game in 2008. He had a vision. Then Fletcher was keen on the game. I had an eye, ”said Kori,“ a lot of people who have contributed to my growth. “

De Villiers voted 119 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in 2015 as the best round of 16 against India. Kori chose the 119 achieved in the Johannesburg test in 2013. “I always wanted to win the [ODI] series after 2-2. I was motivated to do something special (in the final).

We also selected an ODI team that combines South Africa and India. They are Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Vila To Colli, AB de Villiers, Jack Charis, M. They were S. Doni (captain), Yuvraj Singh, Yuzvendra Chahal, Dale Stein, Jasprip Bamura and Kagiso Lavada.

The two cricketers will be auctioning cricket equipment, including bats that scored hundreds of RCB points during the 2016 IPL game to raise funds for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Items that can be auctioned include every glove and shirt won in a particular game with Gujarat Lions.

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